Thursday, September 1, 2011

8 August 2011


It's been a pretty interesting week and well quite a busy week at that!! The Lord has been taking care of us and helping us to accomplish his work! :)
We spent a lot of time in the House as we are living with members. One of my companions was sick this week and so as a result we all had to stay home, kind of a bummer, but learned a lot. Elder Pickett and I read conference talks and watched a few church movies, meanwhile, our other companion slept and tried to get better!!! We got 2 new investigators this week from the efforts of the stake president counsiler, it was really neat because they are all really involved in scouting and specifically Woodbadge, as well as Philmont! so most of our teaching is rooted around the scouting values and experiences that they or I have had as well as applying the gospel principles to it and helping them to find the gospel through it both scouting and teaching it has truly been a great experience for us! I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with the District Leaders companion this week In Corona de Tucson. E. Kasat is from Chile, so his english is well little weak with a really thick accent he has learned a lot! He will go home soon in October! we had a great time. It is in the middle of NO WHERE and well they really don't have roads you just kinda go where ever you want to go! it is really cool!! This week has been a pretty good week, not to complain but I am ready for a companion and to get back to the Deaf program. having 2 companions isn't really that much fun. alot of laughs and all, but really hard to get into homes with what looks like the FBI!

Have an awesome week and stay remotely cool! it has been beautiful here mid to upper 90's just perfect! :)

Love you!


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