Monday, August 23, 2010

23 August 2010

This week has been super crazy!!! lots of new assignments and new things we are learning here now!! :) The deaf work here is super crazy and super busy!!!
The branch is super awesome! They are not yet fired up about sharing the gospel. The deaf culture is a bit different from that of the hearing culture as you know and the deaf respect everyone and their beliefs and cultures, so it is super hard to get any referrals from them!!!
We were assigned 8 new home teaching assignments this week and will continue with them and finding new investigators! with the deaf branch we are to do mostly less active work now and get the members back to church for the first few weeks then will switch over to the gospel sharing part!!! we are to get the Less active and inactive members back to church! many of which have unbaptised members of their family so that will help with the end result! :) we are looking to go to ASDB ( Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind) this week and begin to target the young students there!! all of the branch is dieing off and it getting to be very old! very sad, but we are searching! that's all we can do! deaf work is not your normal missionary work and is very hard to find them!!! we are looking to go to Nogales soon, we have a referral from missionaries down there just waiting for them to set up an appointment for us and we'll be off! :) (hey Red, Fran any friends we should visit while we are there???) ooh also to green valley! :) the work is going great!! I am having the time of my life!!!

This last weekend we had the opportunity to hear and meet Elders Christofferson, Rasband, Kearon ( misspelled from England), and Pickered. it was an amazing experience to go and to meet and betrained by them! the focus of the meeting was the Family and the Temple!! many things were very touching, and the spirit was amazing! :) 2 main things that caught my attention were 1 from President Crockett President of the Gila Valley Temple commented on a picture he had in his home of the temple with all the signatures of the Grandkids there with a small placque on the bottom of it said, " We will meet you there."
The other was from Elder Rasband, He was talking about failure in the home and what constitutes failure in the home!! he mentioned that:The only thing that constitutes failure in the home is when the Parents OR Grandparents give up on trying! don't do it! :) well hope all is well!!!!!!!!! Love you all!!

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17 August 2010

Hey ya'll
This week has been super crazy, lots of new things happening here in the ATM " yeah not the bank (Arizona Tucson Mission) We had the opportunity to go to the Temple this week can i say that was amazing 2 sisters and the rest Elders ( 1 sister Walker the presidents wife and the other sister green the couple missionary in the office ) it was so powerful and just what we all needed! :) after going to the temple we had the opportunity to be trained by president and sister walker boy was that great! :) This week has been a powerful week and all soon to begin another! :) Also while in the Gila Valley president pulled all the ASL missionaries for 1 on 1 interviews not real common for president to do it espically when we are late for an appointment we had at 5 and we were still in the gila at 3 2 and 1/2 hour drive ha well all went well! he gave us all new assignments ( Elder hill and Elder Bohman were transfered to the English Program for a while) Elder Kane and I were transfered to Deaf work FULL TIME wow a leap of faith on all our parts! lots of finding to do and praying and well of course fun it's gonna be awesome! I will be using my ASL skills a little more often than before, well everyday, all the time! :) can't wait! :) we start in a few hours and the race is on! :) well gotta run haircuts to do, shopping and CLEANING THE APARTMENT :) before 5 gotta look good for Elder Christofferson and Elder Rasband this weekend! :) well gotta run! love you all! :)

Doctrine and Covenants 14:7

Love ya all!
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On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 2:14 PM, Kendell & Cindy Karlson wrote:

how are you?

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 2:18 PM, Korbyn Claus Karlson wrote:

Fine you?

haha i know you wouldn't take that for an answer!! i'm doing ok! getting back to work now and getting back to the healing process! it's gonna be a long road before us, it's a hard road indeed, be i know he'll get me there, so no need to worry! :) i'll keep you posted! :)

Gotta run! :) love you

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10, 2010

Hey hope all is well,
this week has been a rough week the weather is rough 112 it got to this week, Soooooooo not fun! The A/C in the car broke leaving us in 112 with no A/C and well you can imagine that!!! anyway, this week we found 2 new investigators, 1 is a really neat guy named Larry Wilson, he and his Fiance are looking for a church His fiance is a member but obviously hasn't been for a while, ,he said he wanted to check it out. He loves the book of Mormon and reading and praying, me will get to meet with him soon! :) can't wait! another is Raquel. she is in the same boat as larry, she and her Boy Friend are well very interesting!! her boy friend is a member but has been in like 6-8 months, they have a kid together and are looking to raise her in a church with good morals and standards. Raquels Grandma is a member that is the reason they are looking and checking out the church. it's been an interesting week and hopefully next week will be way better. well gotta run hope all is well! good to hear from you!

Love ya all,

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2, 2010

I'm not even sure what to say this week, it's all been a big blurr, Crazy I must say. i remember yesterday it was pday and now today it is again pday I don't understand it, time flies by soooo fast here! This week we had a baptism it was pretty cool i must say!! it took all four ASL missionaries to baptize our investigator, it was way crazy! So great to see all of us missionaries in white, we get to go to the temple soon in like 2 weeks! :) can't wait gonna be a blast!! anyway everything is going great here! :) stuff is Crazy and trying to enjoy it. Pain is good, Pain is your friend, If you're feeling pain you must be still alive, but it is nothing to worry about because the same pain I feel now Christ has already felt and anything I've done he's done, and paid the ultimate price for it. Mosiah 14 & 23: 10-11 Well i'm down for the count! have a great week! talk with you all next week! if you wanna know more about something give me a specific question and i'll answer it!

Love ya all!,

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July 26, 2010

Wowser! yeah that is totally right! :) crazy week! we haven't been able to find any new investigators this week! it's been crazy if we found them they would drop us within like a day or 2 very heart breaking! but all in all this week was great! little cooler this week!! :) (WE HAD RAIN!!!!!) Yee haw! yep that's right helped it cool down a little to about 100 or so! :) way exciting! :) we have been tracting every day so far and it's been a few bites but at 1 in the afternoon it's way super hot no one will answer the door! i wouldn't either if it was 110 outside!! we have been doing lots of Less Active work and getting people back to Church! hopefully it too shall pay off! :)

WAL-MART is back! :) yee haw! they just opened a new one next to Sam's Club about a half mile from the house! :) it's super awesome! :)
This week we have many exciting things going on!!! :) we get to teach our Russian investigator and practice for baptism! it will take all 4 of us ASL missionaries to baptise her! i might send some pictures home next week we will see what next week brings! :)
we have a goal to find 5 new people to teach and prepare for baptism for the 28th of August! :) soooooooo can't wait! :) it's gonna be a great week! :)
well know all is well! :0 great to hear from you all feel free to email!
any can email i just send snail mail back! :) yep that is right! :)
well off to Chirpractor! :) ( ooh did i mention it is free here! ) member chiropractor! :)

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