Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 August 2011

Yo mamma,

it is great!!! life is good!! ok i have one word for you!! HOT!! it doesn't cool off here either!!! at 10 pm last night it was still 103 and not got any cooler! it was 111 thursday or so and hasn't gotten any cooler than about 90!!! but I LOVE IT! i'm not looking forward to the cooler weather!!! Not at all!!! well i'll send the family email soon! love you!!! and yes i do have a new companion!!

Love you Elder Karlson!!

alrighty it has been a totally nutty and crazy week this week!! I'm not sure what to say, but our investigator CAME TO CHURCH for the second time!!! it is such a milestone for her!! she was taught by the sister missionaries back in well like 2000-2005 and well she never went to church and really didn't have much interest in the church! she now has come 2 weeks in a row and even said she liked Stake Conference! that is a first!! i remember last stake conference about 6 months ago we had a baptism following that! it was so great and we have another one ready to go on the 11 of Sept! the lord works in mysterious ways and well it has been amazing! :) I am so excited for this next transfer and can't wait for it to begin! my companion should be here at 3pm coming in from the gila valley about 2 hours away! :) i love it!!! I've heard he is really apostate, but the only thing president told me was teach him how to obey and don't put up with any crap! ooh boy those are inspiring words! :) Teach him and get him BUSY and learn the language! :) can't wait!! He is elder Thacher. I'm not sure anything about him, no preassumed notions on my part so we shall see!! i'll be keeping you up to date!! love you!!!
Elder karlson

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