Monday, April 26, 2010

26 April 2010

Well been a crazy week this week! lots of Dr. appointments and such! getting straightened out and ready to get back to work!
I went to the dr. on wednesday or thursday, and they said I have a wedged vertebrate with a possible crack in it but all is well! I'm doing my best to stay busy!
This week we found 2 new very solid investigators! Jen meeks was the first one. she has been slammed with a lot of anti church material, and negative
comments from her friends and relatives but has learned to put it all aside and is doing quite well! The next is Gussy. Gussy is an older lady who grew up in the
catholic church but felt as if something was missing. She is really wanting to know and praying and reading a lot! she is pretty awesome!! having lots of fun! about 3 days ago we met with her, we were teaching the first lesson about the restoration and we asked her how she felt about it, she said this may sound funny but I felt peace and I felt as though I miss my heavenly father, but I know I have never been face to face with him before but I feel as if I know him.
We then explained to her how she had seen him and today we are going to teach the plan of salvation and give her more information about that! she called yesterday and said she had a few questions so hopefully all is well! :)
I'm loving it even if it is 101 today! and it is only April!! they said it normally doesn't get this hot til about mid May! ooh well! all is well! I'm having a blast! hope all is well!! :) Lots of Love to all of you! Hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Karlson :)

12 April 2010

Hello Hello Hello
Hello from Tuscon! That is correct we were ER'd Emergency Transferred. since last week we have had some major complications with the car accident and the whip lash. I have been to the Physical Therapist twice now! not to mention the therapist is President Walker! I had X-Rays and have been bed ridden for 3 days! I finally got to get out yesterday to go to church! It has been crazy boring! So as for now I live about 2 blocks from the mission home and 2 hours from Mexico. It is quite funny Elder Kane and I both commented that the cashier spoke english here! It was way crazy!!! I'm getting real bored here in bed but I hope to soon be back to work! Elder Kane, Sister Walker and President Walker are all taking good care of me!
Also here in Tuscon we have 2 other ASL Elders, Elder Hill, and Elder Bohman my MTC companion. it was great to go to the deaf branch yesterday and tonight we have dinner with deaf members It will be crazy fun!! :) well not much has happened this week other than the transfer back here to Tuscon which is looking to be permanent! well gotta go. time for dinner and more anti- inflamitory and pain meds! hope all is well! have a blast this week and I'll do all I can to get better and back to work! hope all is well! Send my love! :) If you obey 100% you receive 100% of the blessings! if you choose what to obey, he chooses the Blessings. D&C 82:10
Love you all!
Elder Karlson

hey mom tell Don I'm back in town in Tucson. I don't know if he is coming back to Gila Valley for the Temple of not if he is tell him to stop by! I'd love Lunch! Elder Kane Says he would too!! :S
Lol :) well have a blast in Seattle!! don't do anything I wouldn't do! and that ain't a whole lot! :) Hope all is well! Love you
Elder Karlson :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

12 April 2010

Hey hey hey! YES! ok for the answer to the Microsoft Office Program, Let me Check and I'll get back to you on that! I'll try to remember where I put the code before I left! but in the mean time you can push cancel on the window that pops up for now! Restraunts well we have Everything and a little more! The very common ones are Whataburger, Subway, Chili's, Walmart is just down the road 15 mins or so we go there every monday, alot of independent chains no real big chains, walgreens, albertsons, McDonalds! The best one would be Walmart! We often don't have much time to go out here! the faster we can eat the faster we can get back to work! As for the weather it is BEAUTIFUL!! 95 right now! little warm but it feels o so good! :) Starting to look like a little Indian boy! ha! that's what happens when it is so hot! and you're in the sun all day! :) You can tell steven I did get his Letter, but haven't had the slightest minute to write back! way way way way way busy!! it's so great to be busy! our counterpart in Tucson aren't having such great luck! but all is well! Keep clear of the red hair dye, I hear it is pretty dangerous! haha! :) well gotta write to president! BTW transfers are next week, but we haven't heard much about it yet!
Love you! :)
Elder karlson

Monday, April 5, 2010

5 April 2010

Woah woah woah!
it's been a super crazy week!! lots of new investigators and lots of fun!! Had exchanges this week with the ZL's (zone leaders) and will have them for the next 2 days too with the DL's ( District Leaders) It was lots of fun considering they spoke spanish and I spoke Sign and English!! little bit of communication barrier!! haha! we got the VP (video Phone) set up today!! Tested it out! ha way fun!! lots better that the one at school! Any ways!~! of course this week was conference! it was way awesome as usual!!! we watched it on a members computer at their home!! it was way cool! they got lots of little kids so it felt like home! :) ha Well all is well on the border!! pray for our safety!! Lots of love!!!! your friend on the New Mexico, Texas, Mexico Border!! ;)
Elder Karlson :)

Crazy week!! ha! Just wanted to check in and say hello! hope all is well!! having lots of fun in the hot weather!!!
this week we taught a young couple! the Sister was a member and the Brother wasn't and had no desire to be! so we ate dinner and the sister just miraclously had to go to work! ha shocker! anyway she left and the man opened up quite a bit! we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and Pray! we will check up on him at church next week! Conference was freakin awesome!! :) Loved the Priesthood session!! you outta watch President Monsons talk! :) freakin awesome! well gotta go! :) hope all is well! tell the girls hello!!
Love you,
Elder Karlson :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


on the road again. as you can see the keyboard is dumb again.
i can't capitalize anything or punctuate anything. any way this week was great.
in trc my companion elder bohman and i got to teach our teachers boss. she has been having a real hard time.
her husband is inactive. they had a kid before being married so his sister took him and raised him. 2 weeks ago the kid that was raised by the sister was killed by his son the one that she had raised. her job had been real busy and her son has asbergers syndrome which is like autism. she was worried about all sorts of things. we gave her the message of the atone ment and how to get her husband to come back, but it would take some serious work on both there parts. they have the determination to do now just hope they will. se was a great lady and was very interesting and patient with elder bohman. he is learning but is a bit slower. it is great to be here.

as for travel plans, i leave on monday march 15th at 6 am in the morning from the mtc. mom you should get a call about 7:15-7:30 am just right after i get through security hope everyone can be there. our plane takes off at 10:00 and the flight is all but 50 mins long. elder bohman and i will be flying together. life is great. hope all is well.

love you all
elder karlson


Hello Family! how is everything! this computer is being dumb so it's gonna be short! This week has gone by so fast it is super crazy! I have been extended here at the mtc until March 16th and possibly march 22nd we will see! Happy Birthday this week Kassidy! I sent the letters in the mail today!! it's real crazy! It's snowing here!!! we've had all seasons today! any how not much to report on just been real busy getting ready to go and all!! :) Love You all!!! Elder Karlson p.s. if you couldn't figure it out the enter key doesn't work on this computer!! anyhow!! all is well! btw we got a new email address today you might want to check it out!


Buenos Dias ,
YEE HAW!!! how the heck is everything? So you are probably wondering where I am well here it goes: i'm In El Paso, Texas. Yes, we have been pretty busy in fact very busy! we have 11 investigators, all of which have baptisimal dates for next month except 2 i believe! The work is going great!! everything is doing well!! I can't believe it has been 2 1/2 months! Any way as for my new companero, Elder Kane, He is way awesome! we are having a great time and are way busy. I have been in the English program just until we can find some deaf investigators. our goal as missionaries in el paso is to open up a deaf branch so we are way busy! the church is true hope all is well! well gotta go!!! thanks for everything! :) love ya!!
Elder karlson
Happy Birthday Kort!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


HEY Ya'll!
The mission is great!! really busy! we have our first baptism scheduled for April 10th and 7 others in the following weeks! we are so busy as you might be able to tell!! nobody has been getting much of a letter lately! just the weekly one!! We are so busy here it is super crazy!
Well as you may know, I'm in El Paso. I swear the Military Capital of the world! this town revolves around the military! I am serving in the El Paso 1st ward! Hey mom you might know a few people here!! "Moose" Mahoney said to say hello!!! He is in our ward! any way! we are so busy here we go from sun up to sun down and often times even longer!! Most often no lunch or if we do it is real short! There is really no new address! everything is sent to the mission office and then they forward the mail to us. It helps to save on transfers if for some reason we do get transferred! but that isn't looking very likely!! Elder Kane and I are way busy! it's pretty freakin awesome!! He's from Ogden but his family lives in Riverton now! He's way cool!! As for the town, 1. it's getting warm now! about 80 this week, 2. everything is brown, 3. ooh we did see some green grass the other day! it is called TURF!! ha well most of the lawns are weeds. NO GRASS!! the roads are crazy! but way fun! the wind blows all the time! just like home, and Lots of Palm trees and Mexicans! not being racist or anything it's just they come back and forth for work everyday so we see lots of them! as you probably know we have been put on High alert! we must stay 3 miles from the border. but other than that all is well! we are being protected in more ways than one! Well I hope that answered your questions!! Hope all is well!!
Lots of Love,
Elder Karlson :)

COMO ESTAS yes that is right! Welcome to little Mexico!! ha! I'm having an amazing time! really really really busy!!! But all is well! how is everything at home? we taught 18 lessons to investigators last week, 2 with members present, 2 LARC (less active or recent converts) lessons and for the most part we have 2 eternal investigators and 6 other investigators all with baptismal dates! the work here is great and way way way busy! lots to do always!! we are having lots of fun and staying busy! the town is awesome! I can almost find my way around here now!! :) not bad for 2 weeks! :) thanks for the Bike it's working out great!! I need the balance of my Debit card account. I can't check it here against the rules! but I need to know how much is on it so that I can buy the bike lock. I bought the Helmet but they wanted $45.00 for a bike lock so I went elsewhere for it! It's getting crazy hot here and only bound to get hotter, well! any how! hope all is well! :) Lots of love Have an amazing week and stay busy! Tell everyone hello!!!
:) Love you! :)
Elder Karlson :)