Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 September 2011

Alrighty so yesterday being a holiday It is my opportunity to write to you a day late!! :) haha! This week has been rather different week! We had a missionary return here this week to Arizona, but not as the family had planned... She was t-boned in New York while serving there and passed away and returned back to her Heavenly Father. It has been a real testimony builder for me to be able to help and to serve. All the missionaries in the Tucson area were asked to go to her funeral to support their family in this difficult time. We consented to go and to my amazement there were hundreds of people there to support them and the family as well as about 100 missionaries. It was a great blessing. I also was recruited to interpret, along with Elder Bradley. I interpreted for Elder Pickerd of the 70 and Elder Evans of the first quorum of the 70. I looked a little puzzled when asked to interpret, being that I can't hear all that well and well I didn't miss a beat! The lord is working well through us and is truly helping us to accomplish his work!!!

So recently We were driving and I felt this really weird impression to go to the public Library on our way to a members house for dinner, we were late again ( I think that is the life of a missionary ) but I decided to follow it. I went in not knowing what to expect or what to do. I went in went to the bathroom and then looked around the place for a deaf person or persons using sign language.... nothing... I then looked over to 4 laptops sitting at the table and there was a previous investigator we were teaching that we had lost contact with because she had gone homeless... we found her, talked with her and set a return appointment and she now has a baptismal date for October 1st.
We have a baptismal interview for one other lady we are teaching. Kelly. She is excited to be baptised and I can hardly wait!! we are struggling to find, but it is step by step process that the Lord is building us to make us who he needs to be for someone else as well as giving my new AWESOME companion the opportunity to learn some more sign. He shared his testimony for the first time and prayed for the first time yesterday. It was amazing! The gift of tongues (languages) is truly real!

One story that has rather impacted me: I was fixing lunch a few weeks back with really nothing in mind of what to eat. I looked in the fridge and didn't find much there and then looked to the freezer hopefully something would be there!! i looked down into the vent of the freezer and noticed it had a little scum and i decided that I would clean it out! i went to get the screw driver put all the food on the table and went to work. I took off the plastic bottom piece and much to my suprise i found a lot more that i had bargained for. grit and grim all over the place. I sprayed it with bleach and couldn't get it to come up. I continued again nothing. so I went for vinegar and tried that, still nothing, back and let the bleach soak in and it took it off. put it all back together, but there was a little stain left so I worked a little harder scrubbing and finally got it to come up. We could compare it to life and the repentance process. Repentance isn't easy. Sometimes we find ourselves doing something that leads to something else such as finding the big mess. we try to hide it with bleach and it goes for a little bit, but doesn't get everything. so we try something else go to a different place to be healed, but still nothing. finally we go to the source of the problem and the one who can fix everything else. The savior. He sprays the bleach, lets it soak and helps to make us clean. At first it isn't easy, but as we work on it and keep trying He takes that pain and guilt away, the scum, grit and grime in us, out.
He lives and love us. He payed the dearest price for you and me that we can return to live with him. It is our duty to do all we can to make our lives in accordance with his will so that we can be together forever.
Love you all! Thanks for all your support! :)

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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