Monday, November 29, 2010

29 November 2010

Hello Family,

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving even if it is a little snowy! :) little? yeah right!!! ha well if it is any consolation there is no Snow here at all and well it is a bit warmer I believe!! haha! :) It is 45 now here and Getting warmer! :) it was 41 this morning when we woke up. THanksgiving day was beautiful! 65-70 degrees!! We went to President Warrens House for thanksgiving Lunch and then off to the Hubbles for Thanksgiving dinner!!! President warren Is the Branch President of the Deaf Branch here. we had lot fun! and well really this week there isn't much new just the same ole thing! I went on exchange in the Hearing area this week ooh boy I don't miss that at all!!
We get to do a christmas song next week for zone conference elder kane and i and we sure and heck ain't singing!! better bring your ear plugs!!!! :) haha no we will sign and hope they will understand! :) Well I'm afraid it is well getting started with the winter season now! and well it's down right cold! :..( But the most important part to remember is the true meaning of Christmas found in the 1st and 2nd chapters of Luke. take the time to look it over it will help you to remeber the true meaning and the reason for the season. after doing so read Mosiah 14 and Alma Chapter 7. Though we are week we can be made strong only in and through Christ, He is the way the truth and the light!! Search to find the light, the true meaning of the season. I'm all to afraid that this world is worried about the time for gifts and the season of giving and focusing too much on the wisemen's role in the story that they don't focus on the Babe in the manger. Take the time to really think of the season and it's meaning!! CHrist was born of mary for if it weren't so we couldn't be redeemed, and there would be no reason in life. God lives! Jesus is the Christ!!

Love you all!!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

22 November 2010


It has been a pretty good week this week! pretty cool!! 1 New investigator. the man from Nogales moved here to Tucson. We have a baptism Scheduled for him for the 23rd of December, it will take great faith to get him ready for that point. He is super busy and works on Sunday. Our next baptism is scheduled for December 11th, 2010. Veronica is her name she struggles with comprehension and the drive, I thinks she is more in it for the social than the gospel itself.
We are striving for her to understand and praying for what to do to help her, it is challenge. also the guy who threw out his beer is now drinking again, it is so difficult to see it happen that way, but we are working to help him overcome it! well
Happy Thanksgiving! hope you have an awesome one!! we for sure will!!! :)
Also christmas, I would like copy of Claus journal, I still not get that from longgggggg ago!

thanks love you
_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

Have an awesome thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

15 November 2010

This week was great!!! One new Investigator and well we had drop a few too. they weren't progressing and we had to move on. it is sad to see them go and to see them and their desire no more!
This week we found one new investigator, Veronica Williams, a Black deaf lady who is really interested in learning about the church!! She is so excited about being baptized on Dec 11 she asks us about it every time we see her and she prays about it all the time! It got super cold this week!! Got down in the 50's this week and I almost FROZE!!!!!!!! yeah that is right! cold hands and cold feet!! woah it's Winter already!!! ooh no! Time here is flying by sooooo fast it feels like I just wrote you last week! crazy!
We also had a fireside with Joseph Smith's Great Great Granddaughter last night! was way cool! Learned lot of him and why none of his family is a member of the church! now that has changed!!
Well there isn't much left from this week is was soo fast! Love you much!!! thanks for all you do!

ATTN: All Packages for christmas must arrive at the mission office NO later than December 1st, 2010, or they will not be distributed in time for Christmas!!!!


_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

Sunday, November 14, 2010

9 November 2010

This week has been NUTS yep that's right totally nuts!! we Found 5 new investigators this week! 5!! yeah! 3 are in one family the father is deaf and the mother and daughter are hearing along with thte rest of the family!! the other 2 are singles! Also this week we had a great experience! on of our LEss active memeber has been on beer for the last I don't know how long and well he took the long walk to the garbage can this week! to throw the last of his beer in the trash it was such a great experience. anyway back to the Family, They are truly humble and are ready for the gospel. the mother has been looking for a church now for a long time and hasn't found the right one yet!! That's right the word yet is in that sentence!!! we also had a third companion this week! he was our zone leader, but his companion got assigned to a different assignment, Assistant to the President. ha so he was with us for the last few days! It's been a really interesting week this week, but all is well!! :) lots of fun had and well way lot more to be had! Elder Kane is beginning to become Trunky not lazy though! well i'm off for now!! Hope all is well!

Love you,

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

Monday, November 1, 2010

1 November 2010

There isn't much to write about! just same old same old this week! it's been a crazy week! I did go to an English area this week while on exchanges it was way different and really tough!! I like the deaf area alot better Alot more is required in the deaf area than the english area!! anyway!! we are doing great here!! the weather is finally cooling off and it is getting bearable now! it was in the mid to upper 70's and in to the 80's this week hopefully next week is cooler!! The work is slow right now, but we do have 1 investigator who is in town and the other is out of town! Ed Mace is the one in town, the is a Baptist and is really having a hard time letting go of his church! he knows the church is true, but doesn't want to act on it! really sad I must say!!! We had a halloween party on my birthday day at the church and interpreted at a family history fair in the morning!! For halloween we went to church of course then a few appointments dinner and back in by 6 p.m. for weekly planning!! it was changed out from friday cause of halloween!! well I think that's pretty much all!!! Thanks for the gifts!! Hope all is well! with you!!!
Love you all!
The gospel is true!! :)

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_