Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 January 2010

Subject: Ha the letter for the Week!!!! 1/28/2010

This week was great!! It all started out on Friday when I was given the opportunity to give a blessing to one of the deaf sisters that had bronchitis and couldn't breathe real well!! it was a great learning experience for me! She is better now!! As for the rest of the week we are preparing again to teach the lesson of the restoration again at the TRC. This week I have a new set of companions to teach with! they are just temporary so we can learn different teaching styles and preferences while the rest of the Elders are still learning ASL. Those that are still learning ASL will teach in English for the Next 3 weeks, then I will be able to teach with my full time companion Elder Bohman. Anyway! This week I get to teach again with Elder Mully, But also with Elder Daniel. We have been practicing quite extensively for tomorrows lesson!It is gonna be great! We are specifically working on teach as simple as possible the doctrine! it is pretty difficult but it is great!!! Also this week i bought new scriptures! we get them almost 1/2 price here! so when you see money from my bank account dissappear you know where it went!! :) anyway!! Lots of Love! All is well here!!! God Bless!! James 1:5

Elder Karlson

Hello from the MTC! it is start of week three here! Thanks for all the letters and the Cookies mom!! :) they were great!!! I got one of them and then they disappeared!!! (Room mates) Also thanks for the package today i got in the mail! I had to hide it to ensure I got some of it before it was gone!!! As for the departure date it is the 16th as of now, just depending on when the Mission president is in need of me! Me and My companion Elder Bohman are both going together to Arizona! so when he calls we will be going! As for people I have seen that I know! ha 6 people! Scott Yost, Kace Redder, Ed Christenson, Kari Merrill, Nicole Graham, and Jordan Majors! Thanks for the Air freshener it is a big help already!!! yes if you can please send a Light pot freshener! it seems to last longer than the normal fresheners!
As for who you can give the Email address to, in the White handbook it says:"You may communicate with your family and mission president by e-mail." So that is to your discression. My teacher said that Grandparents are included, but the handbook doesn't say either way!

Hey bubba,
everything is awesome here!!!! My companion is Elder Bohman he is from florida!! he is pretty awesome!!! He has had 2 years of ASL in High School so he can understand most of what i am saying!! he is improving quite rapidly!!! How is everything!! write me a letter or draw a picture!!! or send a picture of you whatever you like!! hope all is well!! Lots of love!!! be good!!!!

Elder Karlson

Hey sis,
Got my Ctr ring today! it is awesome!!! Everything is great here!!! I am learning so much and loving it here!!! it's a bit chilly and the snow keeps coming but i keep looking at the perspective!! I will be here til march 16th then off to the warmth of Arizona!!! I so can't wait!! Hope all is well!! Love you!!!
Your Brother
Elder Karlson

23 January 2010


Things this week are great! On wednesday we gave a blessing to a kid having a rough time learning english and the lessons! He only speaks ASL NOT english! On thursday he taught 2 of the 7 principles perfect in english!!It was amazing! Also i got to give a blessing to a sick deaf sister on Friday! She had bronchitis or however you spell it, and today it was all gone!! It was amazing! Tomorrow is church. The first day we came the Apostle Jeffery R. Holland came and talked to us in opening. It was great! As of now i will be here in the MTC until March 10th, then whenever transfers are i will leave! My teachers said something like the 16th or 18th i'm not sure! The lost elder, "Elder Mully" came like 10 minutes later! His name is so long we call him "Mully". In our district there are 15 elders and sisters. They are from all over! California, Utah, Idaho, Florida, New York, Oregon, Washington, and Missouri. There are 7 of us that are real strong with the language and the other 8 have little or no grasp of the language! Our District Leader is fromn Riverton, Utah. We all guessed who would be DL and he was on the bottom of the list, it was real interesting. Language learning is going really well! the typical day of the MTC goes as follows:
7-7:30 MDT (missionary directed time) study time (personal and companion), and language
7:30-8 Breakfast
8-12 MDT
12-12:45 Lunch
12:45-5:30 class- PMG (preach my gospel, language, and vocab challenges, lesson learning, gym, lesson practice
5:30-6:15 dinner
6:15-9:30 Class
9-9:30 planning
10:30 lights out!
Ha being a missionary is great! It is amazing being with people with the same goals and desires! This place is huge and with over 2000 missionaries here it is great! Tonight is fireside! It's gonna be great!
Winterball sounds like a blast! Hope you had fun!
Lots of love! Write you on thursday check your email at about 2:15-3:30 I have like half hour email time during that time!

-Elder Karlson

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

22 January 2010

Mom, Dad, and Family,

Hope all is well. I hope you got my email. I forgot to add a list of things I needed:

Hard Candy Like Life savers-Mints, We cannot chew gum here at the MTC, AIR FRESHENERS (Coconut- just strong) prefered but anything is good! 4 boys with bad shoes and gas!!!ooh boy!!!!I had 1 car air freshener but it is dieing down!Instrumental church music (Jenny Oaks Baker or piano) would be prefered, address for kijsa. Any way all is well Here! Hope all is well there! Much Love!!
Love, Elder Karlson

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

This place is great! the MTC is awesome!! The experiences here are phenominal!! Yesterday was espically great!! In my District we have 15 Elders and Sisters all together! 6 deaf elders including me, and 1 deaf sister, the rest are hearing and are all learning very fast the language! Many of them came with no knowledge of the Language or very minimal but in the last week they have learned to pray and the testify! I realized my sign language was more english based than actual ASL! I have been working on changing it! My companion, Elder Bohman, is pretty cool! he is from Florida! but all in all the experience is magnificent!! Last night we had the opportunity to begin preparing for the TRC where we teach investigators. Elder Mully (not his real name but no one can pronounce it and he can't speak) and I are companions for the first teaching experience! he is very Strict ASL, it is so good for me! I am learning So much! But anyway on to the story about last night and our teaching experience. we were teaching the restoration all 5 of us deaf elders to each other, getting the different perspectives on what they thought of the restoration! we were playing investigator and missionary when one elder was recieveing feedback we were kinda giving it all to him and it got quiet, Elder Daniel and I at the same time looked at each other because we were prompted to see that Elder Melkonian got a Blessing. It was an amazing experience that will never be forgotten! The Church is true! Hope all is well!!!
Love you all!!!
Elder Karlson

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

13 January 2010

Mom and Dad,

Well as you know I Made it safe. The MTC is awesome! Today we had role plays with an investigator. It was pretty fun! They put us to work already! My companion is Hearing. He and I will serve in the same mission. They put me to work on the tour today Interpreting It was real fun! Well my new address you already got! If not I will send it with this letter! You are loved! Thanks for all you do! It is great here!!!!Anyway!
Love ya!
Elder Karlson


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