Thursday, September 1, 2011

22 August 2011

Well it has been a rather interesting week with a really different outcome than i used to. I was teaching our investigator, Kelly, about the Restoration of the Gospel on Tuesday. I had Elder Christiansen with me. He is my District Leader. He is from American Falls, but some of his family is from Burley. Christiansen Implements. any who, we were waiting for a member to show up for our lesson, but deems she was late we started anyway thinking that she stood us up. so I was teaching, seeing that he doesn't know much sign language, and for some reason we ended up reading in 3 Nephi 11. Before starting the lesson I told him just to sit tight and if he wanted to add anything that he could at anytime and i would sign it for him. He agreed. I taught for almost 20 minutes, but our member hadn't shown up yet for our lesson to explain and get her to come to church. I simply continued, I then felt an overwhelming sense of peace, cause i was worried that the member would be offended that we had started, but as i finished up the first vision she showed up and shared her testimony of it and how it had impacted her life. she was just baptised on May 7. it was a great lesson. We got back into the car and I turned to him and asked what he thought. he looked at me and said i understood almost everything. i gave him a dirty look and then asked him what i taught. He said it word for word. almost exactly how i taught it!! it was absolutely amazing! :) The Lord is blessing us, just taking the time now to gain the trust back from the members and get them to do their missionary work again! It is a great blessing to be here at this time! :)
I love it!

hope all to be well!!

love you!


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