Tuesday, December 28, 2010

27 December 2010

So this week has been pretty Slow, because of Christmas holidays and all! Christmas is pretty slow time of year for missionary work even though Christmas day was the highest number of baptisms the mission had seen! in quite some time! like 30 or so! None from us though! bummer! hopefully soon! :) we get teased about it all the time that we aren't working hard enough or that we don't do missionary work right and all we do is tell them well get busy if you can do so much better then you do it! And then they kinda curl up and don't say anything! so this week has been a little slow, we had a real fun week though! we in preparation for the holiday we tried to get to all of our home teaching families and share a message, but most of the were either out of town or want nothing to do with missionaries or the church! Elder Bohman and I went caroling this week with the district another set of elders and one set of sister! some body had to keep us on the right note! cause we totally slaughtered a few songs! :S we went to the Hubble's for Christmas eve dinner and got to hang out a little there and talk, but Christmas day as you can tell dad we went to Jack in the Box, the only restaurant open in the whole town that was cheap enough.
But yesterday we went to contact a referral near our home, but found out that the referral was 3 deaf people from nepal, they spoke nepali and the 3 deaf spoke nepal sign language NSL, boy is this going to be a challenge! We tried to work with the parents of the deaf people and they were confused beyond belief! way crazy! :) I love it here! everything about it! The radio today said it could possibly snow this week! :) I guess we will see! I truly doubt it cause it is 69 outside now and everyday keeps getting warmer! :S it's gonna be a hot summer! crazy!

It was great to hear from all of you this weekend!! love you all!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21 December 2010

Wow this week has been crazy!!! Lots of new changes, things happening in the mission! we had transfers today! Crazy! I can't believe it! The time here is slipping by so fast and the work even though it is slow is progressing! This week we had so many miracle! not many lessons taught, or numbers, but a lot happened. Taking Elder Kane's place, well really isn't possible!! Those are some really big shoes to fill, but it is working out quite well! :) Elder Bohman is way awesome! we have had a lot of fun the last well 4 days wow it hasn't been that many already right? crazy! anyway! so on Saturday Elder Bohman and I were going to contact a referral we were given on Craycroft and well basically 29th street. We arrived at our destination and parked. We got out of the car and I looked up! there were 4 deaf people staring at us looking us straight in the eyes. I walked over to them and initiated conversation with them. Much to my surprise they knew NO American Sign Language!!!! They knew their name and well they struggled to fingerspell them to me! Their language skills were limited to the Max!! I then looked over to my companion who all in himself has very limited language skills! He can express he just can't recipt what is being said, and he said I don't know what they said! They can't read they can't write and they can't communicate with us! I thought to myself and then prayed for help! I then looked at my companion and then back at the four deaf people in front of me and I began to act out the first lesson : The restoration of the gospel which includes: God and Jesus Christ love us, Families Love us, Gospel brought to pass in every dispensation, Jesus Christ life and ministry, apostasy, Joseph Smith, and Prayer. I after being done teaching them looked at them once again this time they had a glow in them, they were smiling and well their countenance changed! after investigating a little more we found out they weren't from here! and well nowhere near here in fact they came from like Korea some place in ASIA! nuts! I couldn't believe it!
This work is amazing, and soooooo much fun!!!
well as for the news you were probably looking for the Christmas Call.............. Well I have news for you.................. we will be calling about well hmmmmm........ between like 11:30 a.m.----about 1:00 p.m. that is the soonest we are able to call!!!! We are limited to about one hour to time! Between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 min anything over that we will get rebuked for! ha ha!

I will also be using Sorenson Video interpreter to be able to understand what is up! just like last year with elder kane interpreting, I will use an interpreter on the screen, it will be a delayed response a little maybe a second or 2 also the woman might answer and explain before I am connected, but don't worry it will be my voice!
Life here in Arizona couldn't be better than it is now! I hope all is well with you talk to you on Saturday!!

Love you,

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

1840 east river road ste 102
Tucson, AZ 85718

The mission office will be moving soon!!!!!!

they are in the process of building a new one to be finished in mid march!
just heads up!

Monday, December 13, 2010

13 Dec 2010

This week has been awesome alot of cool contacts many new people met and taught no just a hope for them to accept the gospel!
This week we contacted a man named Larry. He has had a real tough life and has been struggling real bad! He has had everything drugs, alcohol, tobacco, the whole nine yards. We gave him our number and committed him to throw out his tobacco and he was a little shaky about the cigarettes, but we gave him a book of mormon and the lord promised him if he threw them both away they would be not be a bother to him anymore! he later that night called us andtold us that he flushed his tobacco, but still yet to throw the cigarettes away. he said he would read the book of mormon it was great!

we also met another man outside a deaf members house who has been through the wringer. he has many of the same problems as larry, but even worse. He loves to party and Loves to drink, but he knows it is getting him no where. he wants to stop but doesn't know where to start. we gave him a book of mormon and told him to keep it with him everywhere he went, because other than a set of clothes and the book of mormon and a cd he has nothing. his family has disowned him and left him alone. he transfers from friends house to friends house trying to have a place to sleep. what a rough life he has!! we then shared the footprints in the sand the poem with him and we all started to cry and got a little choked up! he wants to change and i truely hope he will accept it! since none of there are deaf we aren't allowed to teach them except in the initial contact. What a great opportunity to be an instrument in the hand of the lord!!
He is awesome! are we ready!

well For the change this week i'm not really looking forward to it at all! i'm gonna miss that kid way too much but i'm ready and looking forward to being with elder bohman! he is awesome! and the next 6 weeks are gonna be a blast!! by the way this next week will be transfer week and well email will be on tuesday!
Next weeks call can be well really almost anytime i'll have to consult my companion when he is going to call to Florida then I'll tell you next week! let me know when will be the best time for you!!

Love you all!!!

Elder karlson

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 9, 2010

8 December 2010

This week as you can see is kinda crazy!!!! and well I write today from the Gila Valley. We just finished up with a temple session, and are getting ready to head back but thought it would be good to stop real quick for an Email. This week has been crazy we haven't really been able to teach this week, lots of finding, many of our investigators have dropped, one is in jail and well that's how it has been the last week!
Elder kane and I are having a blast and are looking forward to Zone Conference tomorrow! Elder Kane has well 10 days left, and is looking forward to going home. The deaf work will then be turned over to me for the remainder of the time possibly until i go home!! I Recieved a package in the mail from M&D and Family along with one from the Peterson's. Thanks for all you do! Hope you are staying warm and all is well!!

love you all!!!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

P.s. it is well about 70 outside and I'm still freezing! : )
16 days til christmas wow! crazy! :)