Thursday, February 25, 2010

25 February 2010

Heck yes! another week! :) what the heck is this! it feels like just a few hours ago I was sitting here writing! the time is going by so fast it is CRAZY!!! aah!! this weeks been crazy awesome! It has been snowing practically all week, but at the end of the day it warms up to the point of No return and the snow just magically disappears!! it's freakin' crazy!!! haha!! This week has been full of study and fun! We lose another elder this week on the 2nd of March, Elder Mully. YEE HAW!!! :) then the next week we will lose more than half of the district! It's crazy awesome! 2 more weeks til the mission field!!! hip hip hurrah!! I'm having a blast and keeping way busy!!!!!!!! it's crazy!! Hope all is well! Thanks for all the letters!! Lots of Love!!!!
Elder Karlson

Thanks so much for the package! i'm getting all packed up and ready to leave March 10th as of now if plans don't change!! I'll be calling the day before I leave!!! :) Sent letter in the mail today!!! Have a freakin awesome day!!!!!
Elder Karlson

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