Friday, February 5, 2010

4 February 2010

Hey this week was pretty amazing!! Thanks for all the letters!!! :) it really brightens up my day! anyway about the events of the week!! this week was pretty much like those of the past but two specific events that really stuck out was 1, TRC which is like an investigator teaching practice!! well it wasn't so much practice for us this week! we had real less active members and an investigator come in this week to be taught! we taught of the Restoration, and Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon! It was great! The second of the experiences was the opportunity to help in giving a blessing! My companion, Elder Bohman, Elder Moore and I were asked again by Sister Roberts to give her a blessing! She is having a difficult time here, many things from her past life and she also has 4 small fractures in the heels of her feet! so it makes life even worse, but we went and gave her the blessing Sunday Evening after walking to the temple and having the afternoon to spend there. The spirit was so strong! it was amazing to see the effect we could have in blessing her life!! This work is Great!! Hope all is well!!!! Lots of love to you All !!!
Elder Karlson

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