Friday, February 5, 2010

3 February 2010


Hey you! How have things been? Haven't heard from you since being here!! How is school coming? Dinner Show? When do you go to Seattle? It is freakin cold here! Snow and all, but soon to be warm! I shall be in the MTC 'til March 16th unless otherwise directed by my mission president, But it is great here! Me and my companion get along great!!!He is from Florida! About 30 Minutes from Disneyworld!Come to think of it, is there anyone I don't get along with? Ha, Everything is great here! Hope all is well.Ha well put on a Happy Face! The work here is Great! I'm Having alot of fun and learning lots too. Hope all is well!Don't forget read your scriptures and pray!
Much love!
Your Brother!
Elder Karlson

P.S. Have mom send me a copy of my mission call and the information on my mission president! also I need the email address for you and my mission president. Also the mission home address. Can you send a forgotten carols cd?

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