Tuesday, February 23, 2010

22 February 2010


This week's been crazy! Busy too! Time is flying so fast! I can't believe I've Been here for 6 weeks! It feels as If I've been here for only a few days! Crazy! Love it her though! Arizona keeps getting closer and closer :)! The district has come so far this week it's crazy! We had district inventory on Monday and ever since it's gone quite well. Also we have cracked down on the rules. It's been a great week! Been real busy as if I wasn't before, but now I am busy with DL stuff if not I am a backup interpreter for devotionals or group meetings, it's great! Learning so much and Improving so fast!!It's Great! Well gotta go!!Haircut Day!! Lot's of Love, Elder Karlson

Hey Mom,

Great to hear from you! It's kinda weird to get a letter on Monday and Know I can't write back until Thursday. Then to write the 5 or 6 letters all in one day; it's pretty crazy!!
The MTC is awesome! It's been crazy busy here! There is hardly a down moment in this place, and for sure now there isn't any down time! I've been working real hard! Learning Lots!! And I mean Lots! And now on top of learning lots I get to solve others problems, Which I guess is ok but it's been a learning experience for the first week as DL. As for my companion, he is doing pretty well! He is a bit homesick, but we are working to keep it up and him busy! The spirits are high week 6 in our midst! It's gonna be great! The District support here is phenominal. Buoying each other up it's been a great experience. How did the Blue and Gold go? If only our ward would see how important the scouting program is to helping prepare a missionary, especially NYLT! Yes Camp Bradley, and the other campouts were good but to be able to use the principles from Woodbadge and NYLT to take hold and lead a group is really what has helped the most! Ooh Boy, The Bel Cantos Dinner! I'm glad it's you and not me! But It'll be great! Don't go overboard! Ooh quilts! ha Lucky you! Are you still making quilts for the seniors this year or something different? So for the 4 day weekend you went to SLC wow!Shouldn't it have been a yard cleanup day? The weather has been in the 45-50 degree range here for the last week except for today! It's SNOWING Huh! But most of all it sounds like an endurance test!!Ha Slc with Grandma Betty and the Girls sounds like fun! Tell Grandpa Yost and Grandpa Larry Hello! Saw Scott (yosty)today! Holy Cow he said hello before I even got to him! He's come out of his shell alot! and spanish is coming along pretty well for him! It's pretty awesome. Do Lynn & Lorraine come to provo? or another MTC? Also I gotta take some more pictures in order to send them to you! I shall work on doing that! How's everything going? Hope all is well!
~A Smile is a curve that sets alot of things straight.~
I send my love and hope all is great!!!! Love, Elder Karlson

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  1. It is wonderful to hear him doing so well.

    Thank you for faithly posting his emails.