Saturday, March 6, 2010

26 February 2010


Hey! This week has been freakin' awesome! Lots of snow and rain, but for the most part beautiful!

I was studying for district meeting, cause I had a 90 minute lesson to give and came across a few talks I thought you might like!

- Strengthen Thy Brethren-Elder Arnold
-Aaronic Priesthood Pathways-Thomas S. Monson
-Purpose for a mission- Lavell Edwards

The overall theme was getting less active (la) members back and staying in the church. They told us that is one of our 2 main goals as missionaries. Get the la back, and baptize new "CONVERTS".

Been studying real hard!!!! ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT AT THE MTC!!!!!YEE HAW!!!!This food is getting really boring!!!! Anyway! So looking forward to the mission field! I met my trainers brother Last night!!I'm so excited!!!!! :) Hope all is well!!

Love ya!
Elder Karlson

Read Jeremiah 29:13 Page 981


Hey you! It's been a crazy fun week! Snow, Rain, Sleet directing traffic, We got it all!!This week we were given the assignment to direct traffic for the New Missionary Day!!! The day we got our assignment it began to snow! Guess what it has been snowing and raining almost non stop since!!! Today we directed traffic in the freezing cold, SNOWING Weather! It was so much fun! 200 missionaries in about 1 hour!CRAZY but fun!FROZEN is all I can say! Arizona here I come! I have realized God sent me some place warm for a reason! This weeks been really busy it feels as if I was just writing you a few hours ago the time went by so fast! It is so incredible how fast it has gone by! I'm almost 2 months into the mission! I wish it would slow down! The time is speeding by Superfast! :) anyway How is Everything!
Hope all is Well!
Love Your Son,
Elder Karlson

"-Alot of What can be Counted doesn't Count, and alot of what Counts can't be Counted." -Albert Einstein-

P.S. Can you Send A Family Picture? It's hard to teach the principle of Families, and The Plan of Salvation with out one :)

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  1. He sounds wonderful!
    He isn't going to be to impressed when he finds out that AZ has been getting tons of rain too!