Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 February 2010

This week has been freakin CRAZY!!! Awesome but crazy!!!! :) Been real busy!! It feels like I was just here yesterday writing a letter and to think it has already been a week! this week we lost 2 Elders. Elder Hone and Elder Daniel both went to a better place! HA that is so right!! THE MISSION FIELD!!! :) Crazy awesome huh? yep! anyway! I should be getting travel plans soon and so can't wait!! It's been a pretty rough week but way awesome! I was called as District Leader Last week Wednesday and so far have needed to solve only a few problems!! It has been great! And the best part is we got the sisters straightened out and back to loving each other again! now just Elder Problems!! and normally that is just a short duke it out and be done problem! best friends the next day!!
Elder Bohman and I are doing great!! he's a bit home sick but it is getting better now!! I figured it would come sooner or later but all in all it's been great!! Helping to support each other and learning together! Still learning all the rules and such! anyway all is well thanks for all the letters it's great to hear from you!!!
Lots of Love,
Elder Karlson

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