Wednesday, February 17, 2010

16 February 2010

Mom and Dad!

Ok,so the email system is messed up here! It only gave me a short time to Email in sporatic increments so it is getting fixed! Anyway wanted to write a quick letter to you! I will write the Duty to God letter next week! Tell Franny hello! I shall write her! Anyway this week was a bit different! New responsibilities and goals to change a district! Today I was called to be district leader! It's gonna be interesting to bring a district that has had such a chillax DL the last 4 weeks to a zone that can get something done by the rules! Thanks for the package I did get it! Please send my razor with power cord, Stamps and envelopes. I am out of them! Thanks a million Love ya! It's late gotta go!
Elder Karlson

P.S. Also can you send 2 more boxes of the smart bags I can use for traveling! NOT the vacuum kind they don't work! Please send ASAP. I may be leaving earlier than thought. The travel kind that you can roll!! :) Thanks Millions!!!!

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  1. He sounds wonderful! Isn't it great when they see the strange things that they need.

    Glad to hear he is doing well.