Thursday, April 1, 2010


HEY Ya'll!
The mission is great!! really busy! we have our first baptism scheduled for April 10th and 7 others in the following weeks! we are so busy as you might be able to tell!! nobody has been getting much of a letter lately! just the weekly one!! We are so busy here it is super crazy!
Well as you may know, I'm in El Paso. I swear the Military Capital of the world! this town revolves around the military! I am serving in the El Paso 1st ward! Hey mom you might know a few people here!! "Moose" Mahoney said to say hello!!! He is in our ward! any way! we are so busy here we go from sun up to sun down and often times even longer!! Most often no lunch or if we do it is real short! There is really no new address! everything is sent to the mission office and then they forward the mail to us. It helps to save on transfers if for some reason we do get transferred! but that isn't looking very likely!! Elder Kane and I are way busy! it's pretty freakin awesome!! He's from Ogden but his family lives in Riverton now! He's way cool!! As for the town, 1. it's getting warm now! about 80 this week, 2. everything is brown, 3. ooh we did see some green grass the other day! it is called TURF!! ha well most of the lawns are weeds. NO GRASS!! the roads are crazy! but way fun! the wind blows all the time! just like home, and Lots of Palm trees and Mexicans! not being racist or anything it's just they come back and forth for work everyday so we see lots of them! as you probably know we have been put on High alert! we must stay 3 miles from the border. but other than that all is well! we are being protected in more ways than one! Well I hope that answered your questions!! Hope all is well!!
Lots of Love,
Elder Karlson :)

COMO ESTAS yes that is right! Welcome to little Mexico!! ha! I'm having an amazing time! really really really busy!!! But all is well! how is everything at home? we taught 18 lessons to investigators last week, 2 with members present, 2 LARC (less active or recent converts) lessons and for the most part we have 2 eternal investigators and 6 other investigators all with baptismal dates! the work here is great and way way way busy! lots to do always!! we are having lots of fun and staying busy! the town is awesome! I can almost find my way around here now!! :) not bad for 2 weeks! :) thanks for the Bike it's working out great!! I need the balance of my Debit card account. I can't check it here against the rules! but I need to know how much is on it so that I can buy the bike lock. I bought the Helmet but they wanted $45.00 for a bike lock so I went elsewhere for it! It's getting crazy hot here and only bound to get hotter, well! any how! hope all is well! :) Lots of love Have an amazing week and stay busy! Tell everyone hello!!!
:) Love you! :)
Elder Karlson :)