Monday, April 26, 2010

12 April 2010

Hello Hello Hello
Hello from Tuscon! That is correct we were ER'd Emergency Transferred. since last week we have had some major complications with the car accident and the whip lash. I have been to the Physical Therapist twice now! not to mention the therapist is President Walker! I had X-Rays and have been bed ridden for 3 days! I finally got to get out yesterday to go to church! It has been crazy boring! So as for now I live about 2 blocks from the mission home and 2 hours from Mexico. It is quite funny Elder Kane and I both commented that the cashier spoke english here! It was way crazy!!! I'm getting real bored here in bed but I hope to soon be back to work! Elder Kane, Sister Walker and President Walker are all taking good care of me!
Also here in Tuscon we have 2 other ASL Elders, Elder Hill, and Elder Bohman my MTC companion. it was great to go to the deaf branch yesterday and tonight we have dinner with deaf members It will be crazy fun!! :) well not much has happened this week other than the transfer back here to Tuscon which is looking to be permanent! well gotta go. time for dinner and more anti- inflamitory and pain meds! hope all is well! have a blast this week and I'll do all I can to get better and back to work! hope all is well! Send my love! :) If you obey 100% you receive 100% of the blessings! if you choose what to obey, he chooses the Blessings. D&C 82:10
Love you all!
Elder Karlson

hey mom tell Don I'm back in town in Tucson. I don't know if he is coming back to Gila Valley for the Temple of not if he is tell him to stop by! I'd love Lunch! Elder Kane Says he would too!! :S
Lol :) well have a blast in Seattle!! don't do anything I wouldn't do! and that ain't a whole lot! :) Hope all is well! Love you
Elder Karlson :)

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