Monday, April 26, 2010

26 April 2010

Well been a crazy week this week! lots of Dr. appointments and such! getting straightened out and ready to get back to work!
I went to the dr. on wednesday or thursday, and they said I have a wedged vertebrate with a possible crack in it but all is well! I'm doing my best to stay busy!
This week we found 2 new very solid investigators! Jen meeks was the first one. she has been slammed with a lot of anti church material, and negative
comments from her friends and relatives but has learned to put it all aside and is doing quite well! The next is Gussy. Gussy is an older lady who grew up in the
catholic church but felt as if something was missing. She is really wanting to know and praying and reading a lot! she is pretty awesome!! having lots of fun! about 3 days ago we met with her, we were teaching the first lesson about the restoration and we asked her how she felt about it, she said this may sound funny but I felt peace and I felt as though I miss my heavenly father, but I know I have never been face to face with him before but I feel as if I know him.
We then explained to her how she had seen him and today we are going to teach the plan of salvation and give her more information about that! she called yesterday and said she had a few questions so hopefully all is well! :)
I'm loving it even if it is 101 today! and it is only April!! they said it normally doesn't get this hot til about mid May! ooh well! all is well! I'm having a blast! hope all is well!! :) Lots of Love to all of you! Hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Karlson :)

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  1. I hope you are feeling better! At the speed you drive i would have thought it was a head on!! glad you weren't hurt any worse...the Lord cares for his army! A letter is on the way (more like an epistle) You keep working hard - Bill