Sunday, March 21, 2010

15 March 2010


THis week has been Crazy Awesome! Been even busier than last week! It's been crazy! I finally get a down day on Saturday to pack and rest before the plane on Monday! :)

It is great to hear everything is doing well at home!

You kicked off Duty to God Camp that's so awesome! Make sure they get the commitment to read the Book of Mormon even if they are reading it for seminary! Then check up on progress! President Monson in 2004 World wide Leadership Broadcast said:
~"when we deal in GENERALITIES, we will rarely have success. When we deal in SPECIFICS, we will rarely have failure. When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates!

It is true! we see it here and in the lives of the investigators that we teach! This week is amazing if you just take the time to do it, and DO IT RIGHT!

This week we had the opportunity (Elder Bohman and I) to bless the lives of 3 sisters! 2 of which have left for the mission field, and one who is now Elder Bohman and I's companion until Monday! 19 years ago, she at the age of 6 found her mother in the bathtub dead, from a seizure! She was having flashbacks of that day! Immediately when she had the blessing her mind was cleared and hasn't had any problems since! It has been an amazing experience thus far and will continue to be! I can't wait to get to Arizona in less than 3 days Now :)! Friday is Class, Saturday is P-Day, Pack Day, Then Sunday is Church & Fireside, and Monday at 6 A.M. is departure :) So can't wait!
Well Gotta Go! Tell Everyone Hello!
Love you,
Elder Karlson

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