Saturday, April 3, 2010


on the road again. as you can see the keyboard is dumb again.
i can't capitalize anything or punctuate anything. any way this week was great.
in trc my companion elder bohman and i got to teach our teachers boss. she has been having a real hard time.
her husband is inactive. they had a kid before being married so his sister took him and raised him. 2 weeks ago the kid that was raised by the sister was killed by his son the one that she had raised. her job had been real busy and her son has asbergers syndrome which is like autism. she was worried about all sorts of things. we gave her the message of the atone ment and how to get her husband to come back, but it would take some serious work on both there parts. they have the determination to do now just hope they will. se was a great lady and was very interesting and patient with elder bohman. he is learning but is a bit slower. it is great to be here.

as for travel plans, i leave on monday march 15th at 6 am in the morning from the mtc. mom you should get a call about 7:15-7:30 am just right after i get through security hope everyone can be there. our plane takes off at 10:00 and the flight is all but 50 mins long. elder bohman and i will be flying together. life is great. hope all is well.

love you all
elder karlson

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