Monday, November 14, 2011

14 November 2011

This week was completely nuts! first i have to say that president is following in my footsteps! he is using me as an example... i'm not so sure if it is in a good way... he was sandwiched recently in his avalon too and was hit at 40 miles per hour from the rear pushing him into the car in front of him... with a general authority Elder O. Vincent Haleck in his car with him... Elder Haleck went to the Hospital... but thank heavens it was after mission conferences were over!!! :)
So that leads me to the rest of the week! On thursday we had the opportunity to Hear from Elder Haleck and his wife as well as President and sister Killpack and Stake President Lewis! It was a truly fantastic meeting on the book of mormon and being who the Lord needs us to be. This mission has been struggling to find and baptise for the last 6-12 months in all aspects, but as we have been focusing on the small and simple things that might have been overlooked or missed before we have seen the great success!!! Numbers of people are rising in retention and conversion as well as personal satisfaction in the work is growing. Whom the Lord Calls he Qualifies. Whom the Lord Qualifies He calls!
Great success is headed our way by recieving blessings for doing the Small and SIMPLE things!
He loves us and knows what we are doing every step of the way! As we show him our humility and desire he will make us capable of doing his work.
"If the Book is True... It is true... " - President Killpack

Know I know it is true as we make a daily study in The book of mormon our lives will change completely. Do it see your life change as has mine!
Love you all!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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