Wednesday, December 28, 2011

22 November 2011

Well it being the week of thanksgiving and all it is going to be a rather different week this week, but I'm truly looking forward to this week!!! I got a new companion this week. Elder Cavanaugh from Maine. He has had 2 years experience in signing in high school and well quite frankly, i'm not sure which high school it was, but he came out at like a college level signer. really cool kid and I can't wait to get moving!!! It is going to be a great transfer. He has been out now for almost 3 months so it is going to be great he still has the MTC vibe and will to work! :) This week I invited the sister missionaries to come and talk in the branch ooh what a great opportunity to share about missionary work and also compassion. Hope it will work as President and Sister Killpack are coming to speak on the 27th.
We have been finding that many of the deaf are opening up to us here and getting to and are more willing to talk with us and allow us to help them and are being more receptive to the gospel! Often time the Lord works in mysterious ways and the fruits come later! I have a feeling that is what is happening now!! The Lord is blessing us and helping us to become who he needs us to be.
Temperature is dropping... in the 60-70's this week and I FROZE my hind off!!! ooh boy I got another thing comin!
Well gotta run! Have a great Week and a happy thanksgiving!
Love you,

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