Monday, November 14, 2011

31 October 2011

Alright so it is the last day of the month and well Where did October go? I'm still looking back at my planner and wondering where it went! everyday is filled out, but it seems like it's over!!! aaaah! November just around the corner it is super scary before i know it, it will be Christmas...
Well this week went pretty well for the teaching and all... still finding people to teach, but it is amazing to see the way the Lords prepares his chose children to be found by his chosen servants! This week Elder Bradley and I were on exchanges (he comes with me in my area) we are interpreting for a black deaf less active member of the branch. I looked up saw him looked down and then bam her was gone. don't really know what happened. Later that day we went to the Police station to get a police report, which i found out you can now get it online...
on the right side is a column that says request a copy of a report
the number is 1110170663
you can get one for our records!!!

We went to another less active man whom we hadn't seen i a few months. His has some trouble with same sex attraction, but we knocked on his door as we always do. we saw him in his apartment and he normally ignores us. he normally looks through the hole then walks away and ignores us. this time he didn't!!!!! :) HE actually looked out opened the door and talked with us for a few minutes :) the lord humbles people in many different ways! :) this is one we have been waiting to get into for some time now!!! :) finally!

I love it here! it has been so awesome to see the lord preparing his children as well as his servants! :)

Thanks for all you do! :)
Love you!!
Happy Halloween!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

Arizona Tucson Mission "Saves Souls"
939 W Chapala Drive
Tucson, AZ 85704

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