Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 February 2011

Alrighty so off for the week! this week has been pretty dead week! not a whole lot, but Elder Bradley, my new companion is awesome! Transfers was this week as you can tell since it is tuesday emailing day! We dropped Elder Bohman off at the transfer site this morning at 7 am and have been running like a chicken with our heads cut off since!! It was a great week all in all! The Lord has been truly blessing us and me personally! Elder Bradley has been Learning sign now for about 11-12 weeks and his skills far exceed Elder Bohman's skills! He is amazing and is very pumped about doing missionary work! we have been doing alot of service recently and it has been getting in the way of the work a little but it will be put to a halt and back to the real missionary work this week!! We are to begin the hardcore work this week!!!
It has been an awesome week just a little slow on the numbers and sometimes that can be stressful, but just know that this next week will bring about a more productive week! :) yeah!
attached are pictures well a few from our recent excursions to the temple and of our three some!
Love you all!! hope your week is as fantastic as ours will be! :)

Love you!


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