Monday, February 7, 2011

2 February 2011

Alright so the week in review! it's been another crazy and cold week here in Tucson! That is right! San Fran has been warmer over the last few week than it has been here! nuts! anyway! The work is going great here! Found a new investigator this week and set a date for him to be baptised on march 12th so we will see how that goes! he is looking forward to church next week and so aren't we! we have 3 expected at church next week and it is only Monday! :) this week is going to be awesome! We have been working real hard this week and well our efforts have been great! We met with President this morning to discuss Communication between leaders! crazy I must say, but Neither of us can hear on the phone that we have and well quite frankly we really didn't get anywhere with it! It is kind of difficult to change his mind after he already has it set. We are educating him alot recently! The Lord has blessed us with a great president and he is learning the ropes pretty fast! :) He really hasn't dealt too much with deaf missionaries so it is kind of different and especially 2 deaf missionaries! My new companion is Awesome! Elder Andrew Bradley. He has been learning sign now for a little over 13 weeks and well it is amazing to see how much he knows and understands! He is doing great and before you know it he will be taking over~! ahh!!! Time is flying by so fast here it is incredible! I can't believe it is already February! It is starting to warm up today 65 outside today, but it is still a little cold! the apartment is about 80 :) Elder Bradley doesn't really like it but i've been slowly and I mean slowly turning it down! It is about well hmm down to 78 and i've been working on that for about 2 weeks! i'm a wimp! haha! any way the work is going great! Hope all is going great!! Love you all! Have an awesome week! :)

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