Monday, February 21, 2011

21 February 2011

Alright I'll be nice and write in English this time! :) ha ha yeah my Spanish skills aren't that good and well that is practically everyone I talked to this week! They have taken over Tucson! :) not really there are a few white people in the mix! This week as been rather long and well tough! I've been sick most of the week! We think it is the flu which is really taken its toll on alot of the people here in Tucson! it's brought us down hard! many in the hospital! crazy! anyway! it didn't stop us from working of course our determination and my stubborn head kept us moving! No new investigators this week and most of our investigators are either out of town or sick so we couldn't go and see them so we did alot of less active work and it seemed to pay off this week! we had a full sacrament meeting for the first time in well I can remember! It was great to have! typically we have about 20 members there this last week we had well over that upwards of about 30-35 even with all the sickness! it has been a crazy great week and full of lost of surprises! We had a Zone Training this week on Wednesday! It is like a mini Zone Conference! They stressed the many ways we are going to double the number of baptisms in the mission by MAY! last month we baptized 64. but the overall average is about 60! so the goal is 120! it's gonna take alot of hard work but well worth it! :) Lots of nuts and bolts that are being tightened in the mission! We also went to a YSA (young single adult) activity this week to help interpret! it was way fun! Saw the Loftfield's there. that is Stevie's parents! Kyle Gerratt's wife's parents! was cool to see someone I know! :) it was great information about strengthening relationships and receiving revelation! :P Then last night we went to a deaf fireside at the coolest deaf couples house! it was a deaf institute fireside about relationships and how to strengthen them! hmmm maybe they have a problem with relationships recently! or we are supposed to get the hint! hmm cool! any way! hope all is well! love you all!

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