Monday, March 15, 2010

11 March 2010

Hey all Ya'll,

How's the cookie crumblin"? I see you went to upper crust! :) How was your birthday Bubba? Hope it was totally awesome! Did you get the sparkly card? Sorry it wasn't real funny they've only got boring cards here! :) Thanks to the credit of my companion I remembered it!

It's great to hear the dinner show is over! How did it go? I bet you were way busy with it! When is it you go to Seattle again? I can't remember!

It is great to see the snow is still falling it keeps falling here too! It's so cold! Can't wait to get to the warmth, But not looking forward to the HOT, HOT weather!

I was extended here at the MTC for one week, But they wouldn't say why! They just said the mission president called and said to stay 1 more week so we did so! How was ISDB? Hope it was good!

Well Gotta go!

Love ya'll

Elder Karlson

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