Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5 December 2011

THis week has been rather fantastic the weather is rather beautiful ( mid 70's-80's) and well I as i said last week have a new companion. We have hit the ground running pretty hard! we haven't found new investigators as of yet, but all is well. one of the people we have been teaching has committed to be baptized soon so that will be great!
We were out looking for this one man this week and rather than finding him we met a lady whom speaks spanish and well my companion was called as a spanish missionary and wel his assignment was changed this last transfer as he has had a little experience before! he talked to her for a few minutes and well got the address of a deaf person she knew! :) wow amazing what the lord does to help us and move us along! I don't think i have stopped laughing since I picked him up at the transfer site last tuesday! My cheeks hurt real bad!
We had an interesting thanksgiving! We went member hopping as much as we could to try and visit a few people, but no one really wants to see us on thanksgiving so we made the best of it then went to olive garden. my card wouldn't work, but I called to Zions Bank and got it all fixed up! :) but all is well here! Hope you have a fantastic week!
Love you

\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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