Tuesday, October 18, 2011

26 september 2011

This week has been rather different in more ways than one!! We have been working for the goal of finding a new investigator. we have yet to find one, but we have been searching our hardest and praying A LOT! yes it's been tough, but well worth it! We started the week off really busy since our investigator last week who was baptised on Friday didn't show up for her confirmation. come to find out she got suck far away at her sisters house and missed the last bus to town and the next bus doesn't come until 10 am Sunday morning then the 2 hour ride across town just well we'll put it this way didn't make it to church!!! We continued to teach her and help her to understand the importance of the holy ghost in the process of baptism and becoming a member of the church! she was confirmed by me yesterday during Sacrament meeting! it was awesome! we had the Most people there in the branch and possibly set a record for number in attendance to the branch ever! 57:) awesome! :) We have another baptism planned for this Saturday October 1st. we have been teaching her almost my whole mission and has finally decided that it is more important for her to be baptised than to live with her boyfriend! :) The lord is preparing people every day for us to find and as we are prepared he will bless us and help us in his work!!!

This week we had the opportunity to go to a Deaf Festival. The mission paid for a booth so that we could have a place there to expose the church to the deaf community! we recieved 4 refferals and a few other people we were teaching before told us to come back and one told us that "She wanted to be a Mormon" :) That is the missionaries happiest day when someone comes and says they want it! :)

The work goes well and well it's starting to cool off!!! NOT COOL! it is 85 and I have my sweater on and i'm freezing in the buildings! wow! well gotta run!!!

Love you!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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