Tuesday, October 18, 2011

11 October 2011

Well it has been a rather interesting week and a pretty rough one too! The Work is very slow and well the Back pain has been through the roof!
We found 2 news this last week one last night and one last week thursday! The one last night has just had an abortion and struggles a lot with repentance and recieving forgiveness! The lord will help her and us as we help her to get though it! The other is a 65-70 year old man from mexico. He signs what it called LSM ( Language of Sign Mexican ) It has been a real challenge espically with a companion who can't sign and who can't understand what i am saying! it is really difficult, but there is still hope! the lord has put me in this situation to learn something, even if it is just that I can do hard things! He knows what he is doing and well I guess I haven't yet learned something that I need to learn! I will be getting a new companion next transfer. That will be a few days prior to Thanks giving! on the 22nd! The Lord loves us and is helping us to prepare his children now and in the future for others to follow!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

Arizona Tucson Mission "Saves Souls"
939 W Chapala Drive
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