Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 January 2011

Alrighty, so the wek of the 18th as it is to be called I guess! it has been a crazy crazy week! we got to see the President this week that was kinda cool, but only as he drove by in a super black Chevy Tahoe... The police have been on a higher alert these past weeks espically the motorbike police! they are all over! There were TV stations for miles and miles with satellites and all on top of them! they were the big big big stations not just the local stations! It was really cool!!! any way the week here has been nuts!! we didn't have p-day yesterday and all 1 reason no email because on monday with MLK day and all nothing was open to email, but the other is we are going to the temple tomorrow!!! :) Also many other things are coming our way in the very near future. We have the new missionary next monday coming in so that could mean that email next week could be messed up hardcore, that also means I am getting a new companion. I'm not for sure when he flies in or anything so it could be a pretty crazy day!!! We found 3 new investigators yesterday and well these ones are going to be a test of our faith and diligence and will help us to develop true love for them! they have NO language skills at all one can sign very little, home and baby sings is all!! it's crazy! They think that God and Jesus Christ are deaf and that all hearing people are the spawn of satan, but we have the faith and desire to change that!
We ahve been chainging our focus recently on how we teach people! We have gone from telling them what they are doing is bad and they need to stop, to teaching them the basics and focusing our teaching on the atonement and the ability to repent and be forgiven! it has truly helped alot and has helped them to really progress and change faster! The Lord knows the best and we just have to Listen and do as he teaches us!
This week I have been studying the Role of the Holy Ghost in conversion Chapter 2 on effective study the second section! it has really helped and benefited the work here and has helped for those we meet and myself to truly listen and recognize the prompting of the spirit!
This work is a Slow process, but I can't believe how the time has flown! if feels just like yesterday that I went into the MTC, and even though the month at home seemed like an eternity, the year flew by! as I look back it seems like so much has changed and life here has become much more grounded in the teachings of jesus christ! effective study every morening is where is starts. I can notice the days I don't have such an effective study are the days that the day doesn't go as well!
I love it here! the temperature is now getting hotter and hotter and before I know it I will be freezing again! scary January is almost over, but a new one is to come!
Take care! Love you all!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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