Monday, January 10, 2011

10 January 2011

Alrighty! so the update for the week and well the news too...
I just start out by telling you a little information about the shooting and telling you that all is well here. We are not far from where it took place but all places have hyped up security and all is well here! There were 6 deaths and 18 injured. one of which was a young girl who was 9 years old. The 22 year old man who did the shooting was taken down at the scene and is going to be put through trial today at 4 pm in phoenix.

This week has been full of many amazing things! many new challenges and with the heat and the extreme cold for us here comes alot of sickness! that's right! runny noses, headaches, the whole nine yards. crazy!
Yesterday was a truly humbling day along with Saturday. This week we have me so many new deaf people the work is just exploding here so much we have no time to do it all!

Saturday Elder Bohman and I went to help an older couple with some service, and I truly realized how blessed I was to have a body that works even if it is hindered a little every once in a while. The 2 people we went to visit one is in a wheelchair and suffers from post polio, fiber mi alga ( i don't know how to spell it but you get the picture), and something else, along with back surgery and even more and the Sister just had back surgery and is going in to fix the surgery she just had because it wasn't done right. The Kerastas family is so cool!

Yesterday being Sunday we tried to visit all the people we could that didn't go to church, most of those included the Less or Inactive people in the Branch. We went to one man, Michael Bley, and explained to him that drinking beer was wrong and that he needed to stop now and not in april. I was so bold it wasn't me! the Spirit truly took over. We also went to visit one of our investigators Veronica Williams, She has had a rough life, but she came to church yesterday and was interviewed for baptism, which she didn't quite pass because of a Law of Chastity problem. I wish she would just move out, or well first have the money to move to a new apartment and could get away from her boy friend that just takes advantage of her! we have been working with her for the last few months and she has come a long way hoping she will come even that much more before she is to enter the waters of baptism. Can't wait!

This week our Brand new truck broke down and well you can see the pile of junk we took out and set on the side of the road so it could be towed! :) Nice... thanks Chevy!

Well the pictures this week are of the recent campaign ads for the church here! they are advertisments of the new remodeled church website check it out! :) awesome well Over and out!!

Love you all!


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