Tuesday, December 28, 2010

27 December 2010

So this week has been pretty Slow, because of Christmas holidays and all! Christmas is pretty slow time of year for missionary work even though Christmas day was the highest number of baptisms the mission had seen! in quite some time! like 30 or so! None from us though! bummer! hopefully soon! :) we get teased about it all the time that we aren't working hard enough or that we don't do missionary work right and all we do is tell them well get busy if you can do so much better then you do it! And then they kinda curl up and don't say anything! so this week has been a little slow, we had a real fun week though! we in preparation for the holiday we tried to get to all of our home teaching families and share a message, but most of the were either out of town or want nothing to do with missionaries or the church! Elder Bohman and I went caroling this week with the district another set of elders and one set of sister! some body had to keep us on the right note! cause we totally slaughtered a few songs! :S we went to the Hubble's for Christmas eve dinner and got to hang out a little there and talk, but Christmas day as you can tell dad we went to Jack in the Box, the only restaurant open in the whole town that was cheap enough.
But yesterday we went to contact a referral near our home, but found out that the referral was 3 deaf people from nepal, they spoke nepali and the 3 deaf spoke nepal sign language NSL, boy is this going to be a challenge! We tried to work with the parents of the deaf people and they were confused beyond belief! way crazy! :) I love it here! everything about it! The radio today said it could possibly snow this week! :) I guess we will see! I truly doubt it cause it is 69 outside now and everyday keeps getting warmer! :S it's gonna be a hot summer! crazy!

It was great to hear from all of you this weekend!! love you all!

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