Monday, December 13, 2010

13 Dec 2010

This week has been awesome alot of cool contacts many new people met and taught no just a hope for them to accept the gospel!
This week we contacted a man named Larry. He has had a real tough life and has been struggling real bad! He has had everything drugs, alcohol, tobacco, the whole nine yards. We gave him our number and committed him to throw out his tobacco and he was a little shaky about the cigarettes, but we gave him a book of mormon and the lord promised him if he threw them both away they would be not be a bother to him anymore! he later that night called us andtold us that he flushed his tobacco, but still yet to throw the cigarettes away. he said he would read the book of mormon it was great!

we also met another man outside a deaf members house who has been through the wringer. he has many of the same problems as larry, but even worse. He loves to party and Loves to drink, but he knows it is getting him no where. he wants to stop but doesn't know where to start. we gave him a book of mormon and told him to keep it with him everywhere he went, because other than a set of clothes and the book of mormon and a cd he has nothing. his family has disowned him and left him alone. he transfers from friends house to friends house trying to have a place to sleep. what a rough life he has!! we then shared the footprints in the sand the poem with him and we all started to cry and got a little choked up! he wants to change and i truely hope he will accept it! since none of there are deaf we aren't allowed to teach them except in the initial contact. What a great opportunity to be an instrument in the hand of the lord!!
He is awesome! are we ready!

well For the change this week i'm not really looking forward to it at all! i'm gonna miss that kid way too much but i'm ready and looking forward to being with elder bohman! he is awesome! and the next 6 weeks are gonna be a blast!! by the way this next week will be transfer week and well email will be on tuesday!
Next weeks call can be well really almost anytime i'll have to consult my companion when he is going to call to Florida then I'll tell you next week! let me know when will be the best time for you!!

Love you all!!!

Elder karlson

Merry Christmas

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