Monday, October 25, 2010

25 October 2010

Hey mom,

This week has been great! lots of new things are happening and well yeah! We found one new investigator this week his name is Ed. That now makes 2! :) yeah! I have been doing well!! the work is great here!! This week I have been studying alot about the atonement of Jesus christ and the role it plays in our life and also about authority and how to help understand that the authority his pastor has is not from God, but from a paper and a college. I am truly greatful for the opportunity to serve the Lord at this time here in Cold Arizona! It is about 65-75 degrees now and it bites! ha probably not as cold as it is there! Hope you are enjoying the rain, better get our your waders! :) your gonna need them it looks like! No gas for you! bummer! Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! I did recieve a card from your mom, and the JC penny stuff thanks so much! As the Fall here begins I want to share my love and gratitude for our savior and the love in which he gives the peace he affords and as we follow what he teaches we shall be truly happy. I would not rather be anywhere than here at this time serving the Lord and his Lost sheep. As you strive to do so the love you have for the savior yourself and the rest of the family will grow. don't be afraid to share the gospel. If I can overcome my fears so can you pray for help and you shall recieve it! You probably can't imagine me going up to a man or woman on the street and starting a conversation well guess what I can! Some days are easier than most, but if you don't ask they can't say yes. I found out my new companion this last week he comes the first week in February, Elder Bradley, and supposedly he is completely deaf! ooh what fun! :) can't wait! it will be a super challenge for me and for the mission as a whole, but it will be truly worth it!:)
Well gotta run thanks for all you do
_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

Don't be shocked it is longer than most! :)

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