Monday, October 18, 2010

11 October 2010


Another week and well for the answer to your questions!
Normal schedule is as follows and well it's also in preach my gospel in the 1st chapter
6:15 wake/ workout/ pray individual and companion
7:15 Sacred grove experience ( reflection time as if in sacred grove) preparation for prayer and personal study
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 companion study
10:00 Languge study
11:00 Lunch
12:00 out for work
5:00-6:00 Dinner
9:00 Planning and
10:30 light out
in between 12 and 9 we have many different finding opportunities, tracting ( knocking doors), meeting people, teaching meeting with less active and ward members ect.

Recently we saw a huge miracle and are praying hard the it will continue to lead to success for The Lord in this area.
We were in an area far away from our Apt so we dont go down there too often however when we were there on our way to visit another person Elder Karlson was prompted to go and visit a person from the Branch. Age 17 who hasn't been to church in about 5 years i think. The youth leader has tried and tried and tried to contact him. No luck. He has moved here and there or whatever reason. ANywho he asked me if he lived Close. I said Yes he does actually Thats not bad idea. We went by and he was home! (i have met him once before in the VERY beginning of my mission. He wasn't interested in doing anything or coming back to church) Anywho we talked asked how he was doing and literallly about a minute into the conversation he asked us (yes HE asked US) about church. How it was going. We said GREAT! and in efforts to stay on that topic but turn the tables to HIM. i searched for what to ask. I asked "Do you miss church?" I feel i already knew that answer and was searching for something else. However nothing came so i asked. ANd he said no. but went on to explain why he was baptized 7 years ago and why he left the church. (both reasons mostly just family His uncle converted. everyone else was still catholic) and then he went on to explain lately he has really wanting to learn more about God and he had questions about Him he has been wondering and striving to find answers too. We asked Him about the Book of Mormon if he has been reading it and if we could visit him to answer those questions. He did not know where HIs Book of Mormon was. His mom put it somewhere he just didnt know where. ANywho he then said i don't have much time my uncle is on his way to pick me up. But you might could come in for a few minutes. Let me ask when he will get here. He would arrive in 15 minutes but Ricky invited us in anyways. We went in and had a very great short talk with him. Asked him what he wanted to know about God explained our purpose and what we would be striving to accomplish. We are excited to meet with him. He didn't know his schedule but will let us know soon. We are praying Things will work out. This could lead to a lot of success for the Lord here and lead many of His deaf children back to Him. Ricky is a senior or junior at the local Deaf School. Many youth who haven't already been stuck in their ways or worn out by missionaries over the years. We hope and hope. ANd have faith in miracles. Whatever the Lord will. We are excited to see what happens. :)

It is great for to hear from you all this week I hope it seemed to answer you questions if have other let me know i can answer!
Love you! take care!
Elder Karlson

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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