Tuesday, October 5, 2010

04 October 2010

Hey cripple haha!!! Arm, leg, you almost got the whole body covered!! :)
The weather here is super hot still it looks like rain today but we have yet to see it! :) it's about 100 still and getting warmer every day!! but it's gonna cool down way too soon!!!!!! I need a few more white short sleeve shirt 17.5 neck 33/34 sleeve, and a sweater vest it's gonna get down right cold soon!!!!! it gets cold here at night now down about 75 or so but yeah!

As for the ASL area here
the boundaries are
1 hour north of San Man well ( i know that is wrong spelling! Spanish word can't spell it) manuel maybe
to the border with Mexico to the south Nogales, Sierra Vista, Ect
east to Silver City and Deming New Mexico ad West just 1 hour west of Phoenix!

Elder Kane and I Cover it all! mostly on referrals, so we cover the length of Tucson almost everyday! we average about 50-100 miles everyday in driving. Here no 2 deaf people live close together as you can tell!!

We are never home but for studies in the morning and usually have either a dinner appointment, which is VERY VERY VERY RARE, 1 maybe 2 a week if we are lucky! ha ha but if we don't we normally will take something or go to eat! most often we have to just pick something up because we go west with the intent to return to the east for dinner and the evening but most often something comes up and we have to eat and drive at the same time. on the phone or texting, emailing, checking updates on the web to the next deaf activity for the organizations around here and off to the next appointment. i can't imagine if it gets much busier than this! the work is going great!

Well gotta run! Check out the new advertisements floating around Tucson lately! they are on http://mormon.org/people/find/ then click on the list feature they are awesome! :)

The mission is the best!! best thing I have ever done!!!! it's been super busy no investigators yet!! deaf people are very stubborn and are not willing to listen to our message it's really sad, but all good! Elder kane is a District leader so we get to exchange alot with other elders i'm not real fond of that it slows down the work but it's great!!:) makes me appreciate my companion more! :) I love it here. the heat the sore feet the pain in the back are nothing when we focus on the reason we are here!! :)

ooh a nice wild couple of ties would be great! more bright colors other than red! no dark colors. :) thanks :) A few food gift cards would be nice too :) thanks :)

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_


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