Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10, 2010

Hey hope all is well,
this week has been a rough week the weather is rough 112 it got to this week, Soooooooo not fun! The A/C in the car broke leaving us in 112 with no A/C and well you can imagine that!!! anyway, this week we found 2 new investigators, 1 is a really neat guy named Larry Wilson, he and his Fiance are looking for a church His fiance is a member but obviously hasn't been for a while, ,he said he wanted to check it out. He loves the book of Mormon and reading and praying, me will get to meet with him soon! :) can't wait! another is Raquel. she is in the same boat as larry, she and her Boy Friend are well very interesting!! her boy friend is a member but has been in like 6-8 months, they have a kid together and are looking to raise her in a church with good morals and standards. Raquels Grandma is a member that is the reason they are looking and checking out the church. it's been an interesting week and hopefully next week will be way better. well gotta run hope all is well! good to hear from you!

Love ya all,

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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