Monday, August 23, 2010

23 August 2010

This week has been super crazy!!! lots of new assignments and new things we are learning here now!! :) The deaf work here is super crazy and super busy!!!
The branch is super awesome! They are not yet fired up about sharing the gospel. The deaf culture is a bit different from that of the hearing culture as you know and the deaf respect everyone and their beliefs and cultures, so it is super hard to get any referrals from them!!!
We were assigned 8 new home teaching assignments this week and will continue with them and finding new investigators! with the deaf branch we are to do mostly less active work now and get the members back to church for the first few weeks then will switch over to the gospel sharing part!!! we are to get the Less active and inactive members back to church! many of which have unbaptised members of their family so that will help with the end result! :) we are looking to go to ASDB ( Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind) this week and begin to target the young students there!! all of the branch is dieing off and it getting to be very old! very sad, but we are searching! that's all we can do! deaf work is not your normal missionary work and is very hard to find them!!! we are looking to go to Nogales soon, we have a referral from missionaries down there just waiting for them to set up an appointment for us and we'll be off! :) (hey Red, Fran any friends we should visit while we are there???) ooh also to green valley! :) the work is going great!! I am having the time of my life!!!

This last weekend we had the opportunity to hear and meet Elders Christofferson, Rasband, Kearon ( misspelled from England), and Pickered. it was an amazing experience to go and to meet and betrained by them! the focus of the meeting was the Family and the Temple!! many things were very touching, and the spirit was amazing! :) 2 main things that caught my attention were 1 from President Crockett President of the Gila Valley Temple commented on a picture he had in his home of the temple with all the signatures of the Grandkids there with a small placque on the bottom of it said, " We will meet you there."
The other was from Elder Rasband, He was talking about failure in the home and what constitutes failure in the home!! he mentioned that:The only thing that constitutes failure in the home is when the Parents OR Grandparents give up on trying! don't do it! :) well hope all is well!!!!!!!!! Love you all!!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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