Tuesday, July 19, 2011

6 July 2011

Alrighty, so I'm not for sure what to say again this week!! not a whole lot going on, but it has been a pretty humbling, and exciting week for us! WE GOT RAIN! that is the exciting part!
It seems that all we have the opportunity to do now is drive and see the view of the city all too much!! Going from deaf house to deaf house really gets a bit frustrating, but that is where it gets to be humbling. I've had a lot of time to talk with my companion recently, about the work about some of the struggles we are having and what we need to do to get more of the work progressing!! we met with the new mission president... By the way is really awesome!!! He is really motivated to get things done here!! He hadn't been here 24 hours and we got in to see him in his office and discuss the deaf branch and the work here!! He seems really motivated to help us!!! I have been real humbled this week to have the opportunity to see the potential that the branch has and the opportunity to preside in Sacrament meeting!! can you say scary? well it was and we started on time for the first time in quite sometime! :) The work is going well and the Lord is truly blessing us and helping us to become and helping others to come unto Christ! We don't realize what we have and often times we take if for granted. We move forward even if we don't see anyone beside my companion all day! he is fun to be with yes, just often time we see no person to share the gospel with it will often get frustrating, but the Lord knows it is for a reason and will help us no matter what we do.
Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ having a perfect brightness of hope and a love of God and of all men... That is our call!

Zone conference tomorrow and I can't wait to see what it is we will do to get this back up and running!!! the Lord loves you!!!! I love you!! Have an awesome week! :)

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

Arizona Tucson Mission
939 W Chapalla Drive
Tucson, AZ 85704

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