Tuesday, July 19, 2011

11 July 2011

So The Lord works in mysterious Often times we aren't sure what the heck it is for and Why we are experiencing it!
Yesterday in the branch a lot of stuff happened. We replaced all the Priesthood leaders from their various callings and replaced them along with in the next 2 or 3 weeks will be changing out the Relief Society. We finally have an Elders Quorum President now, along with the High Priest Group Leader :) I never thought I would see the day that it happened and well it did!!! :) The Stake Presidency That we have is very supportive of the missionary program and is very concerned of the welfare of all in his jurisdiction it is rather phenomenal :)

This week has been The most up and down week I think in the entire mission and for sure the only week we have taught very few lessons :( It seems when we work our butt off and give it all we can it doesn't seem to work, but when we don't everything starts to happen, but we keep working our butt off until something will happen!! The Lord is working very hard to make us who he needs to be and quite frankly it's great!!

I have had to preside in sacrament meeting now for 2 weeks! it has been rather stressful. It is amazing how the Lord helps us to learn to love the people even more and gives us the responsibility to do so!! The Branch president has been out of town for about 2 weeks in Ogden, Utah for a deaf convention, and well it has been a new challenge. It feels like it has been almost a completely sleepless week! The mission president even asked me why my eyes were red!! I almost fell asleep while driving and well it's been a great opportunity, but im glad it is only for 2 weeks!

I love the work here and can't wait to get this week rolling! :)

Love you all!!!
_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

Arizona Tucson Mission
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