Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

This place is great! the MTC is awesome!! The experiences here are phenominal!! Yesterday was espically great!! In my District we have 15 Elders and Sisters all together! 6 deaf elders including me, and 1 deaf sister, the rest are hearing and are all learning very fast the language! Many of them came with no knowledge of the Language or very minimal but in the last week they have learned to pray and the testify! I realized my sign language was more english based than actual ASL! I have been working on changing it! My companion, Elder Bohman, is pretty cool! he is from Florida! but all in all the experience is magnificent!! Last night we had the opportunity to begin preparing for the TRC where we teach investigators. Elder Mully (not his real name but no one can pronounce it and he can't speak) and I are companions for the first teaching experience! he is very Strict ASL, it is so good for me! I am learning So much! But anyway on to the story about last night and our teaching experience. we were teaching the restoration all 5 of us deaf elders to each other, getting the different perspectives on what they thought of the restoration! we were playing investigator and missionary when one elder was recieveing feedback we were kinda giving it all to him and it got quiet, Elder Daniel and I at the same time looked at each other because we were prompted to see that Elder Melkonian got a Blessing. It was an amazing experience that will never be forgotten! The Church is true! Hope all is well!!!
Love you all!!!
Elder Karlson


  1. I am so glad that you started a blog about Korbyn's mission experiences.
    He will be an amazing missionary.

  2. It sounds like he is doing AMAZING!!! Thank you for setting this up so that we can enjoy his mission experiences also!!!!