Thursday, January 28, 2010

23 January 2010


Things this week are great! On wednesday we gave a blessing to a kid having a rough time learning english and the lessons! He only speaks ASL NOT english! On thursday he taught 2 of the 7 principles perfect in english!!It was amazing! Also i got to give a blessing to a sick deaf sister on Friday! She had bronchitis or however you spell it, and today it was all gone!! It was amazing! Tomorrow is church. The first day we came the Apostle Jeffery R. Holland came and talked to us in opening. It was great! As of now i will be here in the MTC until March 10th, then whenever transfers are i will leave! My teachers said something like the 16th or 18th i'm not sure! The lost elder, "Elder Mully" came like 10 minutes later! His name is so long we call him "Mully". In our district there are 15 elders and sisters. They are from all over! California, Utah, Idaho, Florida, New York, Oregon, Washington, and Missouri. There are 7 of us that are real strong with the language and the other 8 have little or no grasp of the language! Our District Leader is fromn Riverton, Utah. We all guessed who would be DL and he was on the bottom of the list, it was real interesting. Language learning is going really well! the typical day of the MTC goes as follows:
7-7:30 MDT (missionary directed time) study time (personal and companion), and language
7:30-8 Breakfast
8-12 MDT
12-12:45 Lunch
12:45-5:30 class- PMG (preach my gospel, language, and vocab challenges, lesson learning, gym, lesson practice
5:30-6:15 dinner
6:15-9:30 Class
9-9:30 planning
10:30 lights out!
Ha being a missionary is great! It is amazing being with people with the same goals and desires! This place is huge and with over 2000 missionaries here it is great! Tonight is fireside! It's gonna be great!
Winterball sounds like a blast! Hope you had fun!
Lots of love! Write you on thursday check your email at about 2:15-3:30 I have like half hour email time during that time!

-Elder Karlson

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