Wednesday, April 27, 2011

26 April 2011

This week has been truly insane!! We started tuesday in Deming with a new investigator, she is a Jehovah Witness and pretty strong in her faith but is married to a member and is curious about it! we have been teaching her off and on with the video phone as much as we can! one of our investigators is in the hospital with some kind of a stone in her stomach and gall bladder too! she has been a wreck! we are moving her while she is in the hospital! she has made all the arrangements and ready to go through with being baptised! another investigator, GARY, is what you could call golden! He has a really difficult time reading the book of mormon well in fact he can't really read! he has the childrens book of mormon and is reading that along with reading and looking at the pictures! He said he loves it and feels great (the spirit) when we come and visit him! he tries his hardest and has been cleared for baptism on May 7th! :) First baptism in just under 4 years for the branch!! We also have another baptism scheduled for the 7th with another of our investigators, Tamiko. She is a single mother with two daughters ages 2 and 4. Nadina and Princess yes that is her real name! she is also a golden investigator! a member refferal. Tamiko has been searching for the truth and hasn't been able to find it, but she told us that she has stopped her search and found it here! :) it is great to see the lord working through us as we do our best to teach and serve! This is the Lord's work. He is at the head of it teaching and counciling us as often as we will ask!
This week we have been studying about the Role of the Holy Ghost and the Book of Mormon in conversion. As the book of mormon is read answers are found. anything you want to know is found in the book of mormon even how to spend your money of where to go in case of an emergency or how to raise children it is all there! as we read and pray we come to know that is a book inspire and written of God, not of man. Joseph Smith translated the book, but it was only through the gift and power of god that it was brought about! God is real. He knows and loves each of us. As we do our part in studying and learning He will show us who her really is and what he wants us to do!

I love you all! Hope you have a great week! it's supposed to be in the 90's again this week! 75 degrees is cold again so not cool!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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