Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 March 2011

Hola Karlson Familia,
I won't torture you with spanish :)
This week has been so eventful i'm not sure of where to start!!!!! We've been sooooooo busy this week i'm not sure what to say! may things good and bad happened! I'll start off giving you a little of the bad news and wrap it up with the good stuff in the end!
Well you hear many many stories of missionary companions running away and not coming back well this last Saturday mine did just that, but he came back! He ran at about 12 midnight So really Sunday morning and didn't come back until 1 or 2. He took the phone and called the mission president and told him everything! There are no problems with he and I just He is used to the Country life and isn't adjusting to the city life very easily! He feels constrained in the City! I'll give him an AMEN on that one! So he is under heavy watch now! Both eyes on him! Have to go to the bathroom and everything with him! It is a new experience! I'm learning to love him even more! When i have to change his diaper I will DRAW THE LINE!!! He only ran away to the Stake center and played the piano so that is the luck of it all, but the most funny part about it is I SLEPT THROUGH IT ALL!!!!! He told me when we woke up on Sunday!
Anyway for the awesome news! the work is going crazy! we have so many referrals that we don't have enough time to contact them all!! We will be headed to Nogales possibly this next week sometime! teaching a man there now!!! Well in RIO RICO for you that know where that is! 8 mile north of nogales and about 12 miles north of the Border!!! We've been in sahaurita, Midvale, Just north of MARANA, San Manuel, We just haven't touched New mexico yet other than that we've hit it all i think this week!

My back is doing great recently! :) still stiff as ever, but it seems to be improving! I only see the Chiropractor every other week now! :)
The Lord is truly blessing us here!!! Doctrine and Covenants 4 says "there is a marvelous work about to come forth among the children of men" there is no ABOUT in that scripture it is truly coming forth and his work is going forth! :) I Love it here! It is 85 at NOON! :) was 92 yesterday! :) BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Love you all!!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

New Address:

Elder Korbyn Karlson
Arizona Tucson Mission-ASL
939 W Chapalla Drive
Tucson, AZ 85704

P.S talked with President Walker my return date will be FEBRUARY 15, 2012, so almost a year away! :)

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