Wednesday, July 14, 2010

13 July 2010

WOW!! this week has been a total ZOO!!! yeah that is right!! this week has been crazy busy!!! I have a new companion, Elder Spencer Hill from Orem, Utah. ha ha! anyway we have been way crazy we found 3 new pretty strong investigators this week!! 1 that set her own baptismal date before we even got to asking! ha ha!! crazy! well the investigator we found this week, he name is Lillia Brossova, From Russia, way strong I must say. she love visitors and loves the missionaries!! ha ha anyway yesterday we were teaching her the Word of Wisdom, from with she drinks tea as to most Russians in social settings. We told her that she could no longer drink Tea. she turned to us and said really I must give it all up? I don't drink it real often and only for social purposes. we turned to her and said what is your biggest desire right now? she turned to us and said to follow Jesus Christ and be baptised. we said that Jesus doesn't want you to drink tea she said OK no more. we asked her if we could help her get rid of the tea, she said no I will give it to my neighbors. ( she had just bought like 8 boxes of Lipton tea) she said I'll give it away. after about 45 mins we got a phone call from her in her SA-WEEET accent that said I have contacted Walmart and will be taking it back. but you must understand Lillia can not move very well, she has a pinched siatic nerve, she can only go to church for one hour and will have to go home, she does special stretches so that she can stand up and have a lesson with us! she can't sit! but she can't wait for her baptism! it'll take 2 - 3 people to baptize her! awesome I must say! And we can't say it is too hard to do anything if she can't get outta bed but once a day to meet with us the missionaries! can't wait! the work is booming here and is so Crazy!!! the Asphalt sinks as you walk and it burns the bottom of your feet the soles get so hot, but that is what makes it SO much fun! Loving it here!! Have an awesome week!!!! talk at you later!! :)

Love you all!

_\../ Elder Karlson \../_

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