Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1 June 2010

Hey ya'll,
Well as you can see it is not monday! yesterday everything was closed here for memorial day
so we couldn't email so here I am!
it's been a pretty crazy week this week! lots of time in the dr. office and the scanning room.
This week I had 3 different MRI's taken at the Tucson Orthopedic Institute where I have been
seen for the last month and a half. We will get the results on Thursday and find out what will
take place after that! I also have had X-RAYS TAken last week on wednesday
or so, so you know what kind of week it has been! trying to stay as busy as I can be in the
circumstance i am in. no matter how many hours I must stay at the apartment we are still
going head strong trying my best!
This last week has been real busy with the work and all! this week we had another investigator
get baptized. it was great to see someone make the necessary commitment and take the steps
to happiness! Life is crazy here in the hot weather, you're always welcome to take a little of it your
way anytime you'd like! 103 this week it was! CRAZY! ha well it's soon time to hit the road!
Hope all is well at home! keep doing what your doing and get rid of a book of mormon this week
someone needs it just find out who it is and give it to them! if you need one to give away just get
into contact with them missionaries, they have plenty in fact I think sometimes they have too many
The more hands it gets into the better the world will be!! DO IT! DO IT NOW! DO IT RIGHT!
Elder Karlson :)
Doctrine and Covenants 121:7-10

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